Tim Bosma

I knew Tim Bosma. His father and my father worked together for more than 20 years and when I was 16 I started spending my summers working with them. In the last few years I was there Tim began working there the same way I did. The company (although had many ups and downs) was one that fostered family and in every part of it there were brothers, cousins, fathers & sons, husbands & wives. working together. I can only imagine how all those men and women feel right now.

When I knew Tim our entire lives were ahead of us. The idea that my memories of him then – tall and blond and free, could end this way in such a senseless and horrific way is incomprehensible.

This case has taken me to a time of my own innocence when my dear father was alive and I yearn to share in this and console him as I know he would be heartbroken by this. “He was a good fella, a real good guy” is what my dad would say about Tim. And he would be right.

As time goes on Tim Bosma’s life will continue and will represent the Everyman. He is all of us – Trusting, caring and family oriented and those qualities are what he should be remembered for. They were exploited by sick and selfish people for their own gain.

For now though the focus should be on the life that was stolen from him and the loving family who has to make sense of this stupidity. Rest in peace Tim Bosma, you deserved so much better.


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