I love reading …

I love reading all these people professing their faith as if the country they were born in and the family for which they were raised had nothing to do with which religion they “just know” is the right one.  The same conversation is going on in Israel, Pakistan, India, and Korea except it is a different fairy tale with a different all knowing and loving ruler in charge waiting to punish those that do not bow before him.  

99.9999% percent of the world’s faithful have never considered any other religion and I can only presume they also think the beliefs of those faiths are completely unfounded and insane… much the way I do, except I think that way of all of them not just the arbitrary one of several thousands that have survived these past 5000 years.  Your religion was not a choice or a calling, it was a fluke of geography and if you were born somewhere else you would believe in another mythology than the one you do.


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