The shit that flows downhill

So here is the thing, I know that I am not living to my full capabilities.  I know that I can be fighting poverty, protesting war and trying to help feed the people that need food.  But I don’t and I wish I could and I wish I had the time and the energy and know-how to do it but what it comes down to is I have no time for myself as it is and I want to see every moment of every day that I can of my 2 beautiful children growing up.

So I have this guilt in me as my psyche tells me I am a hypocrite and that I am doing little more than contributing to the problem.  And it is most likely true.

What I do try to do is treat the people I do encounter on a daily basis with respect and bring some semblance of joy into their world.  I may fail with some or I may just look like a loser to others, but I do believe when I breathe my last breath there will be a very large number of people that will say that I made a positive impact on their life.

So I may not be able to take to the front lines right now or travel across the globe to evoke monumental societal change, but I do feel if I encounter the people that can do that I won’t ruin their day by treating them like shit and diverting them from their calling.  That is the best I can offer right now, but hopefully one day I will be able to bring on the revolution… until then watching Dora the Explorer with my kids and my beautiful wife is what I have to offer.


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